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Article in West Sussex County Times

Thriller Writer Releases Four Novels Set in West Sussex

Horsham-based author, Miranda Rijks, has written four thrillers which are being published in quick succession by Inkubator Press. 

Psychological thriller, I Want You Gone, was published in mid-April and already hit the top of Amazon.com’s charts. It features Horsham estate agent, Laura Swallow, who reads her own obituary. As the threats mount up, it’s clear that someone wants that obituary to become reality. 

Readers Favorite awarded the novel a coveted five stars. Book blogger, chocolatenwaffles.comdescribed I Want You Goneas ‘a fantastic surprise. A terribly dark and brutally brilliant tale which plays with your heartbeat. The kind of wow read you devour in a few hours!’

Miranda’s next book, Fatal Fortune, was released on 5th May 2019 and is the first in a series. Storrington-based psychologist Dr Pippa Durrant, specialises in lie detection techniques and works alongside Sussex police to solve murders. Pippa’s photograph is found on the body of murdered lottery winner, Leanne Smith from Broadbridge Heath. Someone is trying to frame Pippa for the murder of a women she’s never even met.

‘I love setting my books in places I know,’ explains Miranda. ‘But I try to make sure that the street names don’t exist!’ 

Although she spent her childhood in Sussex, Miranda and her family only moved back to the area two years ago after she survived a year’s treatment for a rare bone cancer. ‘It was a tough time, but it gave me the chance to re-evaluate what I really wanted to do. I have always loved writing and have non-fiction books published by Bloomsbury and The History Press. I studied for a Master’s in writing some years ago. The first novel I wrote, Don’t Call Me Brave, was loosely based on my experiences of having cancer and was very cathartic to write. But writing thrillers in much more fun!’

Miranda left her business coaching and consultancy behind and is now writing novels full time. 

The next Dr Pippa Durrant book is Fatal Flowers. After a seemingly senseless murder at a Sussex garden centre, the police turn to human lie detector, Pippa Durrant for help. Working alongside handsome detective Joe Swain, Pippa starts digging for the truth. But the Gower family, owners of the garden centre, have deadly secrets — secrets they want to keep buried.

Fatal Finale,the third thriller in the series (although the books can be read as stand-alones), is based in a music school.

Readers can download a free short story from Miranda’s website, www.mirandarijks.com All Miranda’s books are available on Amazon.

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