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OUT 24 July 2022!

Daisy can’t sleep. But the cure is her worst nightmare.

Daisy hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in years. Her chronic insomnia has gotten so bad, it’s affecting her job as a journalist. So she’s delighted when she’s asked to review a new, luxurious sleep clinic – this could be the answer to her prayers.
At first, everything about the clinic seems perfect – the stunning seaside location, the beautiful rooms, the exquisite cuisine.
Clinic owner and chief therapist, Amity, is sure she can cure Daisy’s insomnia by uncovering its root cause. But to do that, she’ll use hypnosis to probe deep into Daisy’s past. And that’s not good – because Daisy has a terrible secret.
As Amity digs into her mind, Daisy feels more and more vulnerable. She begins to think there is something off about the clinic. Is her insomnia making her paranoid or does Amity have her own sinister agenda?
Fearing the past has finally caught up with her, Daisy wonders if she should just leave. But that’s not so easy – because this clinic, which was supposed to offer rest and safety, is the most terrifying place she’s ever been…

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Dr Pippa Durrant Thriller Series

Pippa Durrant is a psychologist with a special skill – she’s a human lie-detector! Working with Sussex police, she helps solves murders and gets involved in some scary stuff.