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Twenty-two gripping and suspenseful bite-sized stories available to pre-order now!

A deliciously dark collection of startling short stories, quirky characters and twisty endings. Full of twists and suspense, they’ll get your heart racing and make you gasp out aloud.

These short but addictive reads are perfect for when you need a quick thriller fix. They include stories about justice and revenge and strange things happening to ordinary people.

“Expect the unexpected, the bizarre and the unsettling in this absolute page-turning triumph! A moreish medley of revenge, misfortune and woe.”
– AJ Wills – bestselling author of The Phantom Child

Mysterious, twisted, dark, eerie, disturbing, and unsettling—this collection has it all.”
– Cathryn Grant – best-selling author of The Favourite Child

“Rijks is a masterful storyteller and expertly lures you into a world that is at times shocking, creepy and wicked, but is always deeply satisfying.”
– AJ McDine – best-selling author of The Baby.

AVAILABLE 26 May 2024
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