She offered them a place to stay. They wanted so much more.

Hannah’s life is almost perfect. She’s a full-time mother to two young children and married to successful cardiologist Daniel.  The only thing missing is a project of her own. So she has poured heart and soul into converting their stone barn into a beautiful holiday rental.  

Things take a dark turn when visitors Mike and Nadia come to stay. They are noisy, dirty and disrespectful. Hannah is incensed by their behaviour, worried they may wreck her lovingly restored barn.  

But she gradually realises that property damage is the least of her worries. Nadia and Mike aren’t here just for a holiday – they have a deeper, darker purpose, one that threatens to destroy Hannah’s entire life.  

Spiralling into a nightmare that grows worse with each passing day, Hannah has to find the courage to fight back. But Mike and Nadia are clever and ruthless and they know something that Hannah doesn’t – a shocking secret from the past… 

What reviewers are saying about The Visitors:

“WOW aptly describes this mystery/suspense novel. Loved every single page, and the ending just blew me away. It was truly riveting, and I can’t say that about many books . Writing was great, and the plot was so unique and different from anything I’ve ever read, You will be in the edge of your seat. I know I was. A ten star read for sure!”

– NetGalley Reviewer 

“This was one of the best books I have read in a while, it was a real page turner. The opening chapter had me hooked, and kept me engrossed until the end.
Hannahs life seemed so simple, and she starts a new business, renting out a converted barn to holiday makers. Mike and Nadia arrive, and life quickly spirals out of control, I quite enjoyed reading their antics!!
This book was brilliantly unpredictable, and I loved trying to work out where the story was going, and being wrong every time.”
– Netgalley Reviewer

“This is a fantastic book! Full of frustrations and twists and half truths, the pace builds to a climax with enough surprises to keep things interesting right to the end. None of the characters is at all likeable meaning you can get into the mystery without being biased towards a particular outcome. The resolution made me wonder how I would have reacted in Hannah’s situation. Really recommend this book as a clever mystery which is well written and thoroughly engaging.”
– NetGalley Reviewer 

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Dr Pippa Durrant Thriller Series

Pippa Durrant is a psychologist with a special skill – she’s a human lie-detector! Working with Sussex police, she helps solves murders and gets involved in some scary stuff.