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Has her husband really left her? Or is someone playing a deadly game?

When Eva’s husband Samuel doesn’t come home from a boys’ night out, she thinks he’s sleeping off his hangover at a friend’s house. So she waits. And waits…

Eventually, he sends her a text – he’s met someone else and needs a few days to get his head together. Eva is devastated. How could he do this? How could he do it to their children? She’d thought her marriage was rock solid.

She tries to go on with her life as best she can. But then things take a truly bizarre turn…

She receives a terrifying photo of Samuel with a knife to his neck, and a demand: do everything on my bucket list or he will die.

As Eva completes the increasingly crazy demands on the kidnapper’s bucket list, every aspect of her life begins to unravel: her children are struggling, she’s not paying attention at work, and her friends and family fear for her mental health. All the while, the threats are mounting. Samuel will die. Unless…

Can Eva save her husband and children or will she lose everything that’s dear to her?


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What would YOU do if you read your own death announcement? That’s the idea that sparked my first psychological thriller, I Want You Gone, and what fun I’ve had!

The last few years have been rather productive. Inkubator Books have published 23 of my psychological thrillers. We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of books and many have hit Amazon’s best seller lists.