As recommended by The British Institute of Graphologists. 

Used by novices and professional graphologists alike, “How Compatible Are You?” provides you with everything you need to know about handwriting analysis, and relationships in particular.

They say handwriting is a window to one’s soul, and the key to unlocking a personality. And for centuries, handwriting analysis has been used to discover the very character that makes up a person. In How Compatible Are You?, Miranda Cahn (nee Rijks) applies this time-honored tradition to relationships and compatibility. By understanding the traits that affect all relationships (openness, materialism, generosity, sense of humor, and anger, among others), readers can identify those traits in a prospective partner. Through several case studies and amusing anecdotes, readers will learn how to interpret handwriting for cues to these traits: for example, the size and shape of loops show a person’s openness, and the direction and degree of a slant often demonstrate one’s outlook on life. By gaining insights into their own and their partner’s personalities, couples can learn to improve understanding and communication. Those embarking on new relationships can determine how compatible they are emotionally, socially, and sexually. And singles will discover the qualities of their perfect soul mate. Cahn explores how character traits function and complement one another. Then, using case studies, lively anecdotes, and plenty of actual handwriting samples, she sends readers on their way to unlocking their own compatibility. The result is a lively, fun, and fascinating romp through the world of relationships.