Everything was fine until Alicia arrived.

After her own mother mysteriously disappears, seventeen-year-old Alicia turns up on her godmother’s doorstep and asks if she can stay. Carina can’t say no to the godchild she hasn’t seen in over a decade.

And in a way, Alicia is the daughter she always wanted – she’s so smart and driven, definitely scholarship material. Carina is only too happy to help this brilliant young woman achieve her full potential.

But husband Don and children Tegan and Arthur aren’t so sure. There’s something about Alicia… Is she just too good to be true?

Then, out of the blue, sixteen-year-old Tegan is accused of a horrible crime and life for this ordinary family spirals down into chaos.

Does Alicia have anything to do with the terrible secrets that are only now being exposed? Has she set out to destroy this family? Before she can answer these questions, Carina will have to face her own troubled past, stepping out of the light and into a very, very dark place…

“I’m giving this one a page-turner alert! This is a fast-paced thriller that can be read in one sitting… you won’t want to stop reading once the story gets going.”

Rachel the Page Turner

“Once again, Miranda constructs a story rife with tension, questions that beg for answers, and characters who, like any of us are susceptible to, have their lives upended by a lie. If you are a thriller lover and haven’t read this author, you are sleeping on a winner!”

Carrie Reads Them All

“I really thought I had this one all figured out. Miranda Rijks, you got me again! This was an absolute page turner, I binged it (in) an afternoon and loved it. Very cleverly done by the author.” 

Goodreads Reviewer