Don’t Call Me Brave

Cancer: it’s terrifying, it hurts, and occasionally it’s hilarious.

For Gemma Reece, a sarcoma diagnosis brings her safe and organised life to a halt. Swept up on a painful and emotional roller-coaster, she must also confront a tragedy in her past.
But don’t call her brave. Oh no. She is many things, but she is not that.

Terror for his wife and a phobia of hospitals, pushes her pilot husband Tom to the brink, and drink. Will his fear destroy their family, or create a catalyst for change?

With their marriage unravelling just when they need each other most, can they confront their ghosts?
Can life after cancer really be better than life before?

“If you are a cancer patient, cancer survivor, or know anyone with cancer, this book is a must-read. It will open your eyes and heart. It’s a story about Gemma Reece and how quickly her life changes after being diagnosed with cancer, specifically sarcoma. Someone with cancer might look for books about healing cancer, diagnostic information or how to stay well through chemo. This book reveals the subtleties of the experience that you will not read about in a nonfiction title on cancer.


Sanna Carapellotti

Healing and Wellness Practitioner