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Books like this are just so clever and Miranda Rijks is simply the queen of this genre!

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A small community. A deadly secret.

Until recently, Isobel has always loved The Close. A quiet road of large houses tucked away in the beautiful English countryside, it seemed like the perfect place to live.

Then, six months ago, a young man was killed in a mysterious hit-and-run incident. The police investigated but no one was charged. It’s left a bad feeling in this little community, a feeling that someone knows more than they are saying.

So when new neighbour Linette arrives, Isobel thinks it’s the perfect chance to make a fresh start, to repair relationships and rebuild her community.

But someone else has a very different plan, and bad things start to happen.

When there’s another death, Isobel realises her home, her marriage, and her family are all in terrible danger. She is certain that what’s happening is connected to the hit-and-run. But how?  What really happened on the night of the fatal accident? And above all, who is Linette and what does she really want?

The New Neighbour, the stunning psychological thriller from best-selling author of The Visitors and The Arrangement.


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What readers are saying about The New Neighbour:

“If this author is not on your radar, she definitely should be. I have loved all of her previous books, and she has a talent for making her characters both relatable and complex; her plots both realistic and shocking. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to get to the answers I needed.” –Booksprout Reviewer

“This book is a complete page turner that you cannot put down. Just when you think you know who did it, the story turns everything you thought upside down.” –Netgalley Reviewer

“…another page-turner from an author who has become a fast favourite. Thank you, Ms Rijks, for bringing to us these compelling, twisty, and virtually unputdownable tales of psychological domestic suspense.” –Goodreads Reviewer

“This is a tightly plotted page turner… a chilling well-written thriller that keeps you guessing up until the end.” –Booksprout Reviewer

“This was another entertaining read by Miranda Rijks. I loved the quick pace and exciting twists in this book. I did not predict the ending, which is always a nice surprise.” –Goodreads Reviewer

“The ending! BOOM! So explosive! This was a great read. A suspenseful whodunit set in a quiet little neighborhood after a mysterious tragedy. I devoured this tale, incapable of putting it down for a second.” –Netgalley Reviewer

Available at: Amazon
Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com